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Home projects to do

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1. The table. My husband, Josh, and I got this bad boy in January 2007 when I moved to LA from Minnesota. Josh’s friend Scott knew somebody who was getting rid of it, and when I showed up in LA, there it was.

I disliked it. When we bought our house in March 2010, we discussed leaving it behind. Two things saved it: 1. It’s solid wood. 2. It has some character. And so, it traveled across the city to the suburbs in our Uhaul and made its home in our garage while I transformed it from wood to white.

Then, last November, I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY bought some dining room chairs. One problem. Of course. They’re off-white fabric (I couldn’t tell for sure when I purchased) and clashed with the chairs. So, after Christmas dinner, the table made its way back to the garage (and by that, I mean Josh and I carried this sonofabitch–it’s got to weigh at least 100 pounds–out the door and into the garage). We opted to sand, restain and refinish it in a reddish hue to match the chair legs.

2. The hallway. After the bank approved our short-sale offer, I had this stupendous idea that stenciling a room in a damask print would be so, so cool. I have a friend from HS who had done it to a room in her apartment and posted to Facebook.

I wanted this. I tried to not be so ambitious (read: I’m lazy), so I opted to do it to our entry hallway.

I bought the stencil on Etsy before we ever moved. I was laid off, I found a new job, I started other projects and this one didn’t take off. I’ve done two panels.

3. The chair. Do you read All Things Thrifty? What? You don’t. Oh, you should. The site’s led me to believe I could totally reupholster a chair. But I didn’t really want to buy a chair to test the theory. So, when I saw an armless easy chair sitting in front of a neighbor’s house (the style I wanted!), of course I had to con my friend into helping me carry it home. Didn’t I? My idea is to refinish it in a sage or avocado-hued vinyl.

4. The roman shades. Most of the windows in our house have custom blinds. That’s great and all, except some of them don’t. One of the main ones that creates a problem is the window in the master bedroom facing the street. Our first night in the house, Josh and I taped wrapping paper over it. Guess what? The wrapping paper’s still there. Melding two different styles into one house has been a challenge, but one thing we’ve agreed on is clean lines and low clutter, so we didn’t really want to do blinds/curtains (plus, some windows in that room have blinds and some don’t, so we’d have to buy new custom made ones for every window). I volunteered to make roman shades. It’s been a long process of buying materials–including this IKEA fabric and black-out lining–and figuring out how to do it. Just recently, I ran across a simpler technique (I can’t find it again) for a design using a dowel rod and hooks and eyes… I decided to switch to this approach.

5. The mirror. I wanted this mirror from CB2. But let’s face it. I really want four of them, all put together. I definitely don’t want to spend $600. And so, the idea for the tiled mirror happened. I bought a 24″x48″ board.


6. The mushroom wall. Oh, the mushroom grouping in my hallway. Yes, I *am* obsessed with mushrooms. My best friend, Tasha, gave me this picture as a house-warming present. And so, I purchased a frame and hung it up. But it looked lonely. So, then another friend showed me a picture she’d take of a mushroom. And an idea was born. She gave me a photo for my birthday this year. A few days after that, I spent some time at Michaels plotting what else I wanted to put on the wall. Currently, I need to paint mushroom designs on two tree cross-sections I bought. And then I need to hang them up. I also need two more photos of mushrooms. Plus, a mushroom plate. Then, my mushroom wall will be complete.

7. The pressed flowers. Opposite my mushroom wall, I plan to have other nature-theme photos and items. One element is pressed flowers. I pressed some last year, but I need to put them in their frames. And decide what else is going there.

8. The side tables. After reading a post on Design*Sponge, I decided I MUST have these tables. I have a mostly unfurnished living room (not to be confused with my family room, which is furnished) and I’ve decided to make two of these for that room. Now, if only I could procure a couple of logs from a person on Craigslist giving away firewood. I’ve emailed a few, but I’m convinced they think I’m crazy.